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There are two chapels which can be booked at 45 minute intervals and funerals can be arranged on weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Milton Chapel

The Milton Chapel built in 2005 is larger than Hampden and all on one level, with seating for 150 persons and a spacious area for standing at the back. Due to the layout of the Chapel there are differing amounts of seats in each row.  The front row on the lectern side will seat 10 and the second row 14.

Music, broadcasts and recordings

Disabled visitors

Hampden Chapel

The Hampden Chapel is the original Chapel built in 1965, and has seating for 60 persons downstairs with 5 seats either side on each row.  There is extra room for standing at the back, and another 24 seats in the organ gallery.

Music, broadcasts and recordings

Disabled visitors

Other public facilities for both chapels include toilets and waiting rooms with hot and cold drinks vending. The Garden of Remembrance which surrounds the Crematorium buildings is derived from an existing woodland, to which many interesting varieties of trees and shrubs have been added.

Beneath the trees where the ashes are scattered there are flowering bulbs which come up year after year. Nearer the buildings there are a number of bi-annually planted flower beds and hanging baskets.


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